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Basement & crawlspace repair services

When you home’s crawl space or basement has ongoing problems related to moisture seepage, it can create several forms of damage. Moisture and humidity contribute to the damages effects of rotten wood, including wooden support beams and floor joists. Please keep in mind that those wooden beams, supports and joists partially carry the weight of your home’s structure. When the supports begin to rot, homeowners often notice unlevel floors and unlevel rooms. Furthermore, humidity present in a basement or crawlspace will encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which are universally known to be the root of a variety of medical issues.

How To Fix Crawl Space Moisture

American Crawlspace Solutions specailizes in Crawlspace Encapsulation. A sealed crawlspace is a more energy efficient alternative to the traditional wall-vented crawlspace. Other benefits of crawlspace encapsulation include: Control Humidity, Adds Usable Space to the Home, Helps to Prevent Freezing Pipes, Control Foul Odors, Helps to Keep Hardwood Floors from Cupping and Buckling

If your home is built on a crawlspace, chances are you have open foundation vents in place. Contrary to popular belief, instead of letting humid air out of the crawlspace they allow the warm exterior air into your home. This leads to excess moisture which leads, in turn, to mold, fungus, and foul odors in the crawlspace. Crawlspace vents should always be closed to seal out unwanted humid air. Dirt crawlspaces require a proper vapor barrier installed on the floor and exterior walls. An encapsulated crawlspace will perpetually prevent humidity, leading to a healthier and more energy efficient home.

To further assist with high humidity in the area beneath your home, we can also outfit your crawlspace with an automatic dehumidifier to remove excess humidity from the air.

A free, no-obligation structural assessment and repair estimate is yours at no charge, so please call us to schedule an appointment. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Musty Odors

Musty odors inside a home are an indication of a mold or mildew issue in the crawl space in your homes crawlspace or basement. Black mold is a fungi which thrives in warm and dark areas which have excessive moisture, humidity, and organic (wooden) items for the fungus to feed on. If your home’s basement or crawlspace was not originally properly prepared to deflect moisture in the ground around your home, your home could very well experience the growth of mold and mildew.

Mold is a potentially unhealthy fungus which colonizes wooden supports and floor joists in your crawl space or basement. As mold grows and reproduces, it puts spores into the air. These spores will spread into your home’s air. Studies indicate that nearly half of the air in a home enters from the space below it. Thus most foundation repair companies feel it is vitally crucial to address the issues promptly as mold is known to cause health problems including skin rashes, eye irritation, fatigue, headaches and asthma.

Warning signs of excess water and humidity in your home:

  • Uneven floors
  • Cracks in the home’s walls
  • Doors and windows which do not open and close
  • Rotten wood joists
  • Standing water below the home

How To Fix Humidity Problems in Your Crawl Space

We can easily control moisture levels in your basement or crawl space with a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are a simple and reliable solution because a water-free crawl space is a healthy crawl space. By removing moisture and humidity, mold will not be able to grow in your crawlspace.

The last thing you should do as a homeowner is ignore the warning signs of an ongoing foundation problems. Take our advice: please don’t let your foundation problems linger. Call your local American Crawlspace Solutions expert right away and we’ll send out a friendly, professional estimator who will provide you with a prompt assessment of your foundation’s issues as well as a written repair estimate. We’ve help countless homeowners over the years and we look forward with great enthusiasm to helping you.