Atlanta’s 95.5 WSB Meteorologist Christina Edwards recently spoke with American Crawlspace Solutions co-owner Jeremy Ross about a number of interesting and important topics related to your home’s crawlspace. Enjoy!

Crawlspace Rain & Water Intrusion

Have you checked your crawlspace lately for standing water?

Foundation Vents: Open or Closed?

What do my foundation vents actually do?

Musty Odors & My Crawlspace

How does high humidity outside create musty odors inside my home?

Musty Odors in Crawlspace

How high temperatures and humidity can create a musty smelling crawlspace.

Crawlspace Encapsulation with Christina

Crawlspace Basics with Jeremy and Christina.

What is a Vapor Barrier?

Keeping your crawlspace dry with John and Christina.

Does humidity affect your crawlspace?

Exterior humidity can have a direct impact on your basement or crawlspace.

The basics of pier replacement

Keeping your home stable with John and Christina.

ACS services

John and Christina chat about American Crawlspace Solutions.

Issues with groundwater

What should you do if groundwater accumulates under your house?

Temporary piers

John and Christina discuss temporary piers and how to fix them.

How to correct a damp crawlspace

Damp crawlspace? John and Christina chat about ACS solutions for your home.

Groundwater shorting out HVAC system

John and Christina discuss your options if groundwater is coming into contact with electrical systems under your house.

Water getting into HVAC equipment

John and Christina discuss the unsettling problem of water getting into your expensive HVAC control systems.

The ACS “needs-based approach” to business

Unlike some of our competitors, ACS doesn’t try to sell you services you don’t actually need. John and Christina chat about ACS solutions for your home.

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