American Crawlspace Solutions provides professional basement repair services for issues related to water intrusion and drainage.

Basement Drainage Solutions for Atlanta Homeowners

We provide a wide range of drainage repair solutions for your convenience and peace-of-mind.

Exterior Solutions may be helpful but seldom correct the large drainage problem. Therefore, American Crawlspace Solutions specializes in Interior Basement Repair and Drainage Solutions.

Many times we visit with clients who have spent lots of money with other contractors on Exterior Solutions that failed! It’s completely logical to try to stop the water from entering, but the truth is water always seems to find a way in. A properly installed Interior Basement Drainage System will provide the long term peace of mind you are looking for.

You’ll likely be seeking multiple estimates for your project. How about we knock one out right now?

Interior Solutions


Removes & Diverts Water From Your Home


Interior Slab Drain


Gravity Drain


Usually the Best Solution


More Cost Efficient & Guaranteed


Sump Pump

Solutions That Fail Over Time

Exterior Footer Drains

Tar Based Sealants

French Drains


Downspout Extensions

Special Exterior Landscaping

Our Work is Guaranteed

For your peace of mind, ACS offers a  "Life of the Structure Warranty" on most projects. Inquire for details.

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