Soda Blasting

The presence of mold beneath a home produces a damp, musty odor. But more importantly, it is a health hazard to all who live in the home.

Soda Blasting is the answer to cleaning and removing mold from your crawlspace. With wide applications in other industries, Soda Blasting is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to clean many substrates. Dentists can even use this method to clean your teeth!

Here at ACS we harness this technology to completely strip mold growth off your crawlspace joists, creating a clean like your crawlspace has never seen. The wood under your home will often look brand new afterwards.

For odor control problems associated with mold growth, Soda Blasting offers incredible results. Many customers also choose this method of cleaning after rodent infestations. If you’re looking for the next level of clean, Soda Blasting is the way to go!

Key Benefits of Soda Blasting for Mold Remediation


Kills and removes mold


Does not damage wood, wiring, or plumbing


Food-grade baking soda is used


Safe to use inside confined spaces


Leaves your crawlspace looking and smelling "clean"


Quick and easy application

Crawlspace before soda blastingCrawlspace after soda blasting

ABOVE: Check out this amazing before-and-after of a recent soda blasting project. (Simply slide the line left and right to see the difference soda blasting can provide for your crawlspace.)

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