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Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make and your home’s foundation is vital to the stability and value of your home. American Crawlspace Solutions specializes in all types of foundation repair services.

Foundation Repair Solutions for Homeowners in Atlanta: Common Signs of Trouble

Hot and dry conditions are common in the Atlanta area. During drought causes moisture evaporation, which can cause soil to shrink. This can create extra space or voids beneath the foundation footer, causing the foundation to settle or sink.

Transpiration caused by tree roots can dehydrate soil, which also causes soil shrinkage and can cause settlement of your home’s foundation. Another common cause of foundation damage includes improper drainage around the home. 

Standing water and erosion can weaken and undermine a foundation. Poor building-site preparation when your home was built can also cause future foundation damage. Building site preparation includes improperly compacted fill soil which can cause settling problems over time. Our local soil conditions also play a major role in foundation damage. The soil in the Atlanta area is primarily clay which can contract and expand, weakening and damaging foundations.

signs of foundation repair problems in Atlanta

Signs of Foundation Failure Needing Repair


Cracks in drywall


Misaligned doors and windows


Visible cracks in foundation


Doors and windows that stick


Gaps around doors


Stair step cracks in block or brick walls


Sagging or Uneven floors


Windows that don't fully shut


Tilting chimneys

Whether you’ve got a sagging floor or a sinking foundation, American Crawlspace Solutions can diagnose and correct the problem!

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For your peace of mind, ACS offers a  "Life of the Structure Warranty" on most projects. Inquire for details.

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