Months of heat can also cause problems for basements. When there are prolonged periods of hot and dry weather, soil surrounding the home can shrink, potentially causing the foundation to shift or settle. This can lead to foundation damage, along with crawlspace and basement repair needs.

Despite the heat and humidity of summers in Atlanta, basements and crawlspaces are generally below ground level and hence are always slightly cooler that the surrounding air. Even in summer when it is stifling hot and humid outside, basements and crawlspaces can retain wetness and moisture. This creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to flourish in crawlspaces and basements during the season.

As the foundation settles during the dry months, cracks can form in basement walls and foundation blocks. Cracks in walls and foundations can lead directly to basement flooding. When the foundation settles and develop cracks, precipitation will enter through the cracks and the basement can become flooded.

To help remove excess moisture during the humid summer months, American Crawlspace Solutions can install dehumidifiers. These devices automatically remove humidity from the air and help reduce mold formation.

Basements and crawl spaces require special attention

During the summer, there is the possibility of condensation in basements. For every one degree of cooling, the Relative Humidity goes up by 2.2%. Since basements and crawlspaces are below ground level, they are always a few degrees cooler than the outside air. Whether it is hot or humid, raining or not, throughout the year basements can be damp.

For this reason, your home’s basement or crawlspace requires special attention. These areas are sensitive to condensation which can lead to mold growth, mildew, insulation damage and deterioration of the wood framing. Contact American Crawlspace Solutions for a crawlspace inspection.

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