Crawlspace Repair Services for The Rock Georgia

If you are a homeowner in The Rock, Georgia, our trained professionals can provide your home with Crawlspace Encapsulation. A sealed crawlspace is a more comprehensive solution than the traditional wall-vented crawlspace. Other benefits of crawlspace encapsulation include controls humidity, adds usable space to the home, helps prevent freezing pipes, and controls foul odors.

If your home was constructed on a crawlspace, chances are you have open foundation vents in place. Although it might not make sense, instead of forcing hot, humid air to exit the crawlspace, the vents instead allow the hot exterior air to have access to your home. This leads to excess moisture beneath your home which leads, in turn, to fungus and musty odors in the crawlspace. Crawlspace vents need to be closed in order to prevent unwanted humid air. Dirt crawlspaces should also be covered with a proper vapor barrier installed on the floor and exterior walls. This is called Crawlspace Encapsulation. An encapsulated crawlspace will properly manage humidity, leading to a healthier and more energy efficient home.

Warning Signs of a Damp Crawl Space:

  • Musty scents coming from below your home
  • Recent vision, skin or respiratory problems
  • Insects seen entering the basement or crawlspace
  • Uneven floors in the first floor of a house
  • Water standing around the footing of the home

Crawl Space Moisture Solutions
To further assist with excessive moisture in the crawl space, we can also outfit your crawlspace with an automatic dehumidifier to remove humidity from the air. Dehumidifiers are a quick and easy solution. By removing humidity from the air beneath your home, mold will not be able to grow beneath your home. A dry crawlspace is a safe crawlspace.

Sagging, Unlevel Floor Joists

You may notice that the first floor of your home has un-even floors that appear to be sagging. If so, there is good indication your home is experiencing an excessive moisture problem in the area below your home. If the crawl space beneath the your building hasn’t been sealed off or waterproofed, then water seepage will easily get inside your foundation and manifest a number of problems. Water collecting below your house may result in wooden structural elements experiencing rot, decay, and warping. This type of damage will make the beams and floor boards below your home to become weak. Ultimately, the decaying boards will have trouble supporting the vast weight of the house above, which will always create sagging, uneven floors.

Musty Odors

Musty odors inside a home are an indication of a mold or mildew colony growing in the crawl space in your basement. Black mold is a fungi which thrives in dark places which have excessive moisture, humidity, as well as organic materials for the fungus to feed on. If your basement or crawlspace was not originally properly prepared to deflect moisture in the soil, then your home might experience the growth of mold and mildew. Mold is a fungus which lives on the surface of wooden supports and floor joists in your crawl space or basement. As the fungus reproduces, it releases spores into the air. These spores spread into your home’s air. Engineers have reported that nearly half of the air in a home enters from the space beneath it. So it is vitally crucial to address the issues in a timely manner as mold is known to be the cause of many common health problems including skin rashes, eye irritation, fatigue, headaches and asthma.

Flooded Crawl Space

If not water-proofed, your crawl space can flood during periods of heavy rain. If runoff finds its way inside your basement, it can quickly cause the wooden elements of your home’s structure, making them rot and decay to the point of collapse. This is most obvious in the case of support beams and floor joists which support the structure of your house. Decayed supports and joists significantly lower your home’s structural integrity and future re-sale value. Additionally, a water-logged crawl space is the perfect environment for unhealthy mold and mildew which thrive in damp, dark environments. The black mold is widely known to cause several medical issues including respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms, and skin rashes. Rotting wood in the presence of moisture and humidity also creates the perfect environment for pests such as roaches, spiders and rats.

How To Fix Crawl Space Flooding
If your problems occur during periods of precipitation, we can install a reliable basement drain system. Whenever rain flows into your basement or crawlspace, it is diverted our drain system. Once inside, it is forwarded into a sump pump which will ultimately push the water away from the homes foundation. Further, to help reduce mold growth and musty odors, you can control moisture levels in your basement with an electric dehumidifier system. A water-free crawl space is a safe crawl space. You can increase your home’s overall value by seeing to the stability and integrity of your home’s foundation. Call American Crawlspace Solutions today for a free assessment and no-obligation repair estimate.

Your ACS repair crew will treat your home with respect and complete all work on your foundation with care, as if we were fixing our own home. All of our work is licensed, insured and guaranteed for your peace of mind. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our team of professionals will consistently provide excellent customer service, prompt communications, and professionally certified foundation repairs for our friends and neighbors.