Modern basements usually have poured concrete walls as opposed to concrete block walls. They look nicer, are stronger, and are way less prone to leak; however, they do tend to develop cracks over time.

Mostly, these cracks are what we call “non-structural” or “cosmetic” in nature, meaning they do not pose a significant threat to your home’s integrity. Very rarely do we see what are called “structural cracks” in poured walls. These are easy to spot since you can visibly see the wall has moved or started to sink.

95% of the time we are dealing with the non-structural cracks, and the biggest problem is they can leak during periods of heavy rain. Given enough rainfall, the soil outside will soak up water like a sponge. This creates high hydrostatic pressure underground which is exerted on the poured concrete wall. With enough pressure, some of the water in the soil can push through those tiny cracks and create a leak. Though most of these leaks are small, sometimes quite a bit of water can enter the home and cause thousands of dollars of damage before you even realize it.

The repair strategy is easy. Once the crack is identified, we can inject it with a resin product to fill the crack and prevent future leaks.

This method is quick, clean, and smart compared to old school exterior methods involving heavy equipment in your yard. Simply put, the resin fills the void in the wall that was created by the crack; therefore, water cannot fill the crack any more and you no longer have an issue. Our repair services are guaranteed to deliver results!