Buying a house is one of the biggest investments anyone will make. And after such a big expenditure, if you were forced to repair problems related to foundation, basement or crawlspace, further significant expenditures would be required.
For this reason, it is vital to inspect every facet of a home before making a purchase, including the floors, walls, foundation, basement and/or crawlspace.


Basement strength and condition
The condition of the basement or crawlspace must be checked. Basements tell very well the condition of a house. If you find evidence of water damage on the floors and corners of the walls and wall-floor joints, water stains, mold, or pest infestations, then you can be certain the house has an issue related to water intrusion and drainage.

Structural strength of the foundation
The structural strength of the foundation must be checked thoroughly. Cracks on walls going from the floor to the ceiling, and water stains on walls due to water absorption, seeping, dripping, and leakage tells very well that the house has problems. Water damage often weakens the structural strength over time. If you see such things, get the property checked by American Crawlspace Solutions.

Walls and floors
If you notice diagonal cracks in the sheetrock, or feel low spots in the floor, call American Crawlspace Solutions for a free evaluation