Selling a home is as difficult as buying one. And for homeowners trying to sell their homes, there are a myriad of obstacles and repairs to deal with before a house is sold.

Buyers are very careful when purchasing a home, checking every single point about the home from the location, amenities, and ambiance to the history, construction and taxes. Of course, home buyers will inspect the structural strength of the building. In short, whether it’s an old house or new, the home must be made presentable for potential buyers.

The structural strength of the house is vital for home inspectors
Before a purchase is made, banks require each home to be professionally inspected. Inspectors look at every aspect of a house to provide a detailed report about the house. The foundation and crawlspace of a house are integral parts of any inspection. Home buyers want to be certain that a house is structurally strong and won’t experience future water leakage, flooding or damage. Moreover, home inspectors are trained to seek out any sign of mold growth.

Do not allow a potential buyer to discover a truth which you tried to conceal. Any problems related to these areas can quickly derail your home’s sale. Before this happens, please contact the crawlspace and basement professionals at American Crawlspace Solutions. We can provide you with a no cost, no-obligation inspection of the area beneath your home. If there are problems, we will outline the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for you.

Close the deal successfully

The Atlanta home market is competitive. To get a good price for your home, you must prepare the house by finding and repairing all the problem areas. If your home has issues related to the foundation, basement walls and floors, crawlspace, drainage or mold, please contact ACS for crawlspace repair services. Our professionals provide numerous services for home sellers, including mold remediation, soda blasting, basement crack repair and drainage solutions.
Responsibly repairing such crucial areas of the house, like the basement, foundation and crawlspace is vital as you prepare to sell your home.