Union City GA Crawlspace and Basement Repair Services

For homeowners in Union City, we provide advanced basement and crawlspace repair services and solutions.

If you home has issues related to moisture, we recommend Crawlspace Encapsulation. An encapsulated crawlspace is a more energy-efficient alternative to the traditional wall-vented crawlspace. Other benefits of crawlspace encapsulation include energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, increased home value and appeal, and humidity control.

The warning signs of a damp crawl space: 

  • Water standing around the footing of the home
  • Uneven or sloping floors on the lower floor your home
  • Musty scents coming from below your home
  • Unexplained health problems
  • Insects and pests are colonizing the crawlspace

leaky basement water damage

Issues with Leaky Basements

Poured concrete foundation walls commonly have small cracks which form over time. These cracks can leak, allowing water to get into the basement. Our high pressure foam resin injection method provides a good long-term solution that is much more effective and cheaper than the alternatives.

Key Benefits of ACS Basement Crack Repair

  • We Repair Cracks From the Inside
  • Cracks Are Sealed to Prevent Future Moisture Invasion
  • No Need to Dig Up or Ruin Landscaping
  • We Offer a 5-Year Warranty
  • We Use High Pressure Foam Resin Injection

Homes with basements or crawlspaces often experience water or moisture intrusion. A common source of water intrusion are leaky cracks in the poured concrete foundation. American Crawlspace Solutions repairs leaky cracks to stop water intrusion. In poured concrete foundations, most of these cracks are “non-structural,” which means they do not pose a significant threat to your home’s stability, aside from the occasional leak.

Surface sealants such as hydraulic cement or caulk are commonly applied. However, these superficial solutions are often ineffective. The basement and foundation repair professionals at American Crawlspace Solutions use a high pressure pump to inject foam resin into the crack, completely sealing the void to keep your basement dry.



Flooded Crawl Space

Without proper water-proofing, your basement and crawl space can flood during periods of excessive precipitation.

Once water finds a weakness in your foundation to get inside your basement, it can quickly cause damage to wooden elements of your home’s structure, making them rot, warp, and decay. This is most obvious in the case of support beams and floor joists that hold up the mass of your house. Damaged supports and joists greatly diminish your home’s stability and overall property value.

Additionally, a flooded crawl space is a great place for dangerous mold and mildew which colonize and thrive in damp, dark environments. The black mold is widely known to cause several medical issues including respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms, and skin rashes. Rotting wood combined with humidity also creates an attractive environment for pests such as rats, termites, and roaches.

How To Fix Crawl Space Flooding

If your flooding occur during periods of precipitation, American Crawlspace Solutions can install a basement drain system. Whenever moisture leaks into your basement or crawlspace, it is diverted our drain system. Next, it is forwarded into a sump pump which will automatically pump the water some distance from the foundation. Further, to help prevent mold growth and musty odors, we suggest you control moisture levels in your crawl space with an electric dehumidifier. A moisture-free crawl space is a safe crawl space.

The safety and satisfaction of our customers come first. All our work is guaranteed and our team is licensed and insured. Please contact us today for your free no-stress, no-obligation foundation assessment and repair estimate.