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When you crawl space or basement has problems with moisture seepage, it can create several forms of damage. Moisture and humidity can contribute to the damages effects of rotten wood, including wooden support beams and floor joists. We always remind our valued customers that those wooden supports and floor joists partially support the weight of your home’s structure. When the joists begin to rot, you may notice uneven floors and uneven rooms. Additionally, water present in a basement or crawlspace will create an environment suitable for the development of mold and mildew, which are widely known to to the root of a variety of medical problems.

Common warning signs you have a damp crawl space:

  • Water standing around the footing of the home
  • Uneven or sloping floors on the lower floor your home
  • Musty scents coming from below your home
  • Unexplained health problems
  • Insects and pests are colonizing the crawlspace

How To Fix Crawl Space Moisture

You should be enjoying the advantage of our custom drain systems and sump pumps, which are a standard crawl space waterproofing system.

If your crawlspace or basement has standing water after rain, American Crawlspace Solutions can install an electric sump pump system to quickly and automatically remove water from beneath your home. These water diversion systems stop water from collecting in the crawl space under your home and causing damage to wooden beam and joists located beneath your home. Our custom drainage system consists of a pipe which is installed beneath the home. Whenever precipitation seeps into the pipe, it is directed into a sump pump which will ultimately pump the water out and away from the home to a safe distance away from the home. To assist with high humidity in the crawl space, we can install an automated dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air.

Our team of professionals will consistently provide excellent customer service, prompt communications, and professionally certified foundation repairs. Please call for a free estimate.


Musty Odors

Musty odors inside a home are indicative of a mold or mildew colony growing in the crawl space below the floor. Mold is a type of fungi which are perfected adapted to grow and spread in warm and dark areas which have excessive moisture, humidity, as well as organic (wooden) materials for the fungus to feed on. If your basement or crawlspace was never properly prepared to deflect moisture in the dirt and soil, then your home might experience the growth of mold and mildew.

Mold is a known health risk fungus which grows on wooden supports and floor joists under a home. As mold reproduces, it shoots spores into the air. These spores will float into your home’s air. Construction experts indicate that nearly 50% of the air in any home flows from the space beneath it. Thus most foundation repair companies feel it is vitally crucial to address the issues in a timely manner as mold is known to be the cause of many common health problems including respiratory and asthma issues, skin rashes and eye irritation, fatigue and headaches.

Below are the warning signs of water and humidity in your crawl space:

  • Rotted wood beams and supports
  • Sloping floors
  • Cracks in the home’s walls
  • Doors and windows which do not open and close
  • Standing water below the home

Ridding Your Crawl Space of Humidity 

With our professional’s help, you can control moisture levels in your basement or crawl space with a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are a straightforward solution because a moisture-free crawl space is a healthy crawl space. By removing moisture and humidity, mold will not be able to grow beneath your home.

You can increase your home’s overall value by seeing to the stability and integrity of your home’s foundation. Call American Crawlspace Solutions today for a free assessment and no-obligation repair estimate.


Sagging, Unlevel Floor Joists

You may notice that the first floor of your home has un-even floors that appear to be sagging. If so, there is a very good chance your home is experiencing an excessive moisture problem in the basement or crawl space. If the crawl space beneath the your building hasn’t been sealed off or waterproofed, then water seepage will easily get inside your foundation and cause a number of issues. Water collecting below your house may result in wooden structural elements suffering from rot, decay, and warping. This type of damage will cause the beams and floor boards of your home to become weak. Ultimately, the decaying boards will have trouble supporting the enormous weight of your home, which will always create sagging, uneven floors.

Excess moisture under your home… The warning signs:

Repair Solutions for Sinking Floors

There are really two problems to fix. First, we will install jacks and supports to stabilize the floor boards, level your floors, and prevent additional sinking. Secondly, we need to deal with any water and how it is entering your home. The most common solution is to install a drain along the outside of your foundation which will act as a diversion to force water away from your home’s foundation and into a drainage pipe or a sump pump.

Our friendly and helpful team of experts can help you reduce the stress and anxiety of ongoing foundation problems with prompt, professional estimates and repair services. Call us today to schedule an appointment. For your safety and peace of mind, everything our American Crawlspace Solutions experts do is licensed, insured and guaranteed.


Sinking Footing & Home Skirting

The foundation wall below your home, sometimes known as the footing, can sink into the ground over time. This is most noticeable with sagging floors with the presence of exterior cracks. Sinking footing can be caused by the columns which provide support being constructed too far apart. In some cases, the joists, girders, and posts made from wood are rotting due to moisture intrusion. Poor soil conditions around the exterior of your home’s foundation walls can cause the foundation to become too damaged to hold up the mass of your home.

How to tell if your home has a sinking foundation footer:

  • Cracks on interior walls of the home
  • Sticky windows and doors
  • Uneven floors
  • Leaning supports under the house

How To Fix Home Skirting/Footing That Is Sinking or Bowing Inward

Piers, basement jacks and similar methods can be taken to guarantee your foundation’s weight is adequately strengthened. When our customers’ damages are due to issues with excess hyrdostatic pressure, our team will install a drainage system (gravel area adjacent to you foundation with a drain pipe at the bottom) around the exterior of the house. Excess water or runoff from the soil enters the pipe through the gravel and will be guided away from the foundation.

Please don’t let your foundation problems linger. Call us today and our friendly, professional estimators will provide you with a prompt assessment of your foundation’s issues and a written repair estimate.

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