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If your Oxford, Georgia, home has problems related to your home’s crawlspace, we recommend you contact American Crawlspace Solutions for Crawlspace Encapsulation services.


If your home is built on a crawlspace, chances are you have foundation vents in place. Although it might not make sense, instead of allowing humid air out of the crawlspace, they instead allow the hot exterior air to have access to your basement. This leads to excess moisture beneath your home which leads, in turn, to an environment suitable for mold growth in the crawlspace. Crawlspace vents should always be closed to seal out unwanted humid air. Dirt crawlspaces require a proper vapor barrier installed on the floor and exterior walls. This is called Crawlspace Encapsulation. An encapsulated crawlspace will properly prevent humidity, leading to a healthier and more energy efficient home.

Warning signs of a crawl space to excessive moisture:

  • Uneven floors in the first floor of a house
  • Musty and moldy odors emanating from the basement
  • Unexplained health problems
  • Insects and pests are colonizing the crawlspace
  • Water standing around the footing of the home


Crawl Space Moisture Solutions
When your crawlspace or basement has ongoing problems related to moisture you are at risk of several types of damage. Water and humidity can contribute to rotting wooden structures, including wooden support beams and floor joists. We always remind our valued customers that those wooden beams, supports and joists partially carry the weight of your house. When the joists begin to deteriorate, our clients typically notice un-level floors and un-level rooms. Additionally, humidity present in a basement or crawlspace will create an environment suitable for the growth of mold and mildew, which are widely known to to be to blame for a variety of health-related issues.

To further assist with excess moisture in the area beneath your home, we can also install an automatic dehumidifier to remove extra moisture from the air. Dehumidifiers are a straightforward solution. By removing excess moisture, mold and fungus will not be able to grow in your crawlspace. A water-free crawlspace is a healthy crawlspace.

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Flooded Crawl Space

If not water-proofed, your crawl space can flood during periods of excessive precipitation. Once moisture finds its way inside your basement, it can quickly cause damage to wooden elements of your home’s structure, making them rot and decay to the point of collapse. This is singularly important in the case of wooden beams and floor joists which support the weight of your house. Rotted supports and joists significantly diminish your home’s structural integrity and overall property value.

Moreover, a water-logged crawl space is the perfect environment for dangerous mold and mildew which thrive in damp, dark environments. The fungus has been known to trigger any number of health problems including respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms, and skin rashes. Rotting wood combined with moisture and humidity also creates an advantageous habitat for unwanted pests such as roaches, spiders and rats.

How To Fix Crawl Space Flooding
If your water issues occur during periods of heavy rain, we can install a reliable basement drain system. Whenever moisture leaks into your basement or crawlspace, it will enter our drain system. From there, the water is forwarded into a sump pump which will ultimately divert the water some distance from the homes foundation. Further, to help prevent mold growth and musty odors, we suggest you control moisture levels in your crawl space with an automated dehumidifier. A dry crawl space is a healthy crawl space.

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A significant portion of your home’s value is related to the stability and integrity of your home’s overall structure. You can protect and, in most all cases, increase your home’s value with a strong, stable and secure foundation. Everything we do, every step we take, from start to finish is licensed, insured and guaranteed for your protection and peace of mind. Your local American Crawlspace Solutions can help you navigate the process, from our free on-site assessment of your foundation and our free written repair estimates to our clear and easy-to-understand plan of action and, finally, our prompt and professional repair work. Everything we do is licensed, insured and guaranteed.