Many Pest Control companies are now offering mold and fungus treatments in Atlanta. When you call to schedule the annual termite inspection, often the technician emerges from the crawlspace with new information for you: “you have a fungus problem.” They got rid of your termites years ago, so they’ve got to find another way to make the cash flow.


The truth is, if you do have a mold issue under the house, it is best to have it properly removed. But do you really want the Bug Guy doing that?

It’s very common for the Pest Company to use a liquid application to treat the mold, rather than an abrasive treatment like Soda Blasting. Liquid treatments may indeed kill the mold that is growing today, but it doesn’t remove the mold (and it’s roots) from the wood. It will come back, and that’s the goal oftentimes.

One of the largest Pest Control companies in the world (which is headquartered here in Atlanta) is now offering a Quarterly Fungus Treatment. They never actually remove the mold, nor do they change the conditions which created the mold….rather, they keep coming back every quarter to spray what’s there. Reoccurring revenue is their goal.

Don’t be fooled or scared into spending money on treatments that can’t provide long term results. Ask American Crawlspace Solutions for a straightforward approach toward solving the mold issue once and for all. And if we find bugs in your crawlspace, we won’t waddle into your home saying “we can do that too.” We stick to what we’re good at…it’s better for everyone that way.