One of the most obvious signs of problems related to your home’s crawlspace are various types of odors. There are different problems which produce unpleasant odors in a crawlspace, but the exact source of the bad smell can only be identified after learning the conditions inside the crawl space. 

If there is a bad smell in your home’s basement or crawlspace, please contact the crawlspace professionals at American Crawlspace Solutions

Moisture and humidity
If your crawlspace is vented, high humidity from the external environment can easily find its way into your home. High humidity in the crawlspace can cause excess moisture to collect via condensation. Mold can grow in areas that are affected by the moisture and as a result, an unpleasant odor is produced. 

Mold is a type of fungus which thrives in dark, damp places. When the air inside the crawl space is humid, mold can grow in the crawlspace. Boxes, wooden joists, walls and other surfaces can host a mold colony. Mold is widely-known as a health hazard. The mycotoxins released by mold can be harmful to your respiratory system. Whenever mold is detected in the crawlspace, the homeowner should contact American Crawlspace Solutions. Our crawlspace professionals can quickly remove mold from your crawlspace. 

Decaying wood
When a crawlspace is affected by mold growth, the wooden structures inside are likely to be affected. Mold is capable of subjecting wooden structures, including the wood beams and joists of the foundation, to decay. When wooden structures and other organic materials start to decay, an unpleasant odor is produced. Besides the unpleasant odor, decaying wood clearly is an issue with regard to the structural stability of your home. Contact ACS today if you believe odors in your basement or crawlspace indicate more serious problems for your foundation.