This is a common thing homeowners deal with. All of the nice new batted insulation that was installed years ago now looks like trash. What happened?

It could be rodents, poor installation techniques, or more than likely moisture damage. Believe or not, when you leave your crawlspace vents open, all of the humidity from outside can make your insulation wet. Eventually, gravity takes over and it simply falls to the ground. It can create an environment impossible to navigate through, not to mention itchy.

Usually we’ll recommend removing all of the insulation to begin with and toss it in the trash. Setting up the crawlspace so things will remain dry comes next.

That’s where an Encapsulation is valuable. Once the outside humidity is no longer bringing moisture into your crawlspace, things stay dry. The International Building Code doesn’t even require you to add new insulation into the space once everything is properly sealed up. The space will look cleaner also.

Better energy efficiency. Win-Win.

If your crawlspace insulation has been damaged by water or moisture, contact ACS today for a free repair quote.