Video Inspection of a Flooded Crawlspace in Senoia, GA

In this short video, American Crawlspace Solution pro John Harman walks us through a flooded crawlspace inspection.

Homes with basements or crawlspaces often experience water or moisture intrusion. A common source of water intrusion are leaky cracks in the poured concrete foundation. American Crawlspace Solutions repairs leaky cracks to stop water intrusion. In poured concrete foundations, most of these cracks are “non-structural,” which means they do not pose a significant threat to your home’s stability, aside from the occasional leak.

Surface sealants such as hydraulic cement or caulk are commonly applied. However, these superficial solutions are often ineffective. The basement and foundation repair professionals at American Crawlspace Solutions use a high pressure pump to inject foam resin into the crack, completely sealing the void to keep your basement dry.

Key Benefits of Leaky Basement Repair


We Repair Cracks From the Inside


Cracks Are Sealed to Prevent Future Moisture Invasion


No Need to Dig Up or Ruin Landscaping


We Offer a 5-Year Warranty


We Use High Pressure Foam Resin Injection

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