Many of our customers ask whether or not they really need a dehumidifier for their crawlspace. While the building code for encapsulated crawlspaces does call for the installation of a dehumidifier, we can help you whether or not you want to buy one.

At American Crawlspace Solutions, we won’t force you to buy something you don’t want. That said, it is a great idea to both Encapsulate and Dehumidify your crawlspace.

Here’s why: Basically, what we’re aiming for is a clean and dry crawlspace. We want the air and the wood framing under your home to stay dry year round. This reduces odors, pests, and the potential for mold. Once the space is properly encapsulated, using a dehumidifier guarantees the air and wood framing will stay dry. With a dehumidifier, you can control how dry the air actually is. Without one, you can’t. Many of our customers will purchase an encapsulation system, and then later will add the dehumidifier. We’re fine with that approach.

Circulating dry air under the home is what you need. With open foundation vents, you are allowing outside humid air into the crawlspace. This air is cooled as it enters the crawlspace and leaves condensation behind. This causes odors, sweating air ducts, and lots of other problems.

Crawlspaces in Atlanta Georgia suffer from extreme humidity, and most homeowners don’t even know what’s going on. Oftentimes, once we’ve properly encapsulated the crawlspace and installed a dehumidifier, the customer will call back within days talking about the huge difference they can feel inside the home!