Foundation problems can be a major issue for any homeowner. As the first thing built, the foundation is the basis of a home’s structural strength. The crawlspace – that is, the space inside the foundation – is directly affected by the overall strength and stability of the foundation itself. From inside the home, there are several ways to identify foundation and crawlspace problems.

Some signs are visible earlier than others. Cracks are visible and with time widen and become more pronounced. The subtle signs which often go overlooked are any infestations of bugs and pests below the home, which prefer the dark, moist environment caused by a damaged foundation. Excess moisture will also leave watermarks on stored boxes, furniture and basement walls. Foundation problems can be caused by many things. One of the prominent reasons is expansive soil. When soil absorbs water, it can expand up to 10 percent in volume. This “hydro-static pressure” exerts itself on the foundation. When the soil dries it shrinks again. Over many years, this type of back-and-forth pressure can alter the structural strength of the home.

Problems at a glance

The following issues often indicate problems with your home’s foundation and crawlspace:

  • Cracks on interior walls of the house, particularly those around doors and windows.
  • Wetness or moisture in your crawl space, particularly after rain.
  • Uneven floors which sag in different places.
  • Water pooling around the exterior of the foundation or slab, due to poor drainage.
  • Sticky doors and windows which don’t easily shut or sticking in the frame.
  • Unpleasant odors due to mold growth below the home.

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