Many homes in the Metro Atlanta area suffer from a lack of structural support in the crawlspace. Either the builder didn’t install enough block piers, the ones you have are inadequate, or they were not installed on concrete footings.

Over time, as we add more and more belongings to our homes, the floors can start to have low spots. As the weight of the home causes the floors to sag, you’ll often see diagonal cracks at the tops of the doors or windows. This is a classic sign that your foundation may be in trouble.

At ACS, we believe in properly measuring your floor before offering to do any work, rather than guessing at what you might need. It can take some time to gather all of the data needed, and sometimes we do charge a fee to design a repair plan.

The most common thing by far that most homeowners need is additional support in the crawlspace. We’ll design a custom plan to properly and safely lift the sag out of your floor, or stabilize it so no further movement can take place. We’ll advise you on what’s best to do. All of our new supports come with a Life of the Structure Warranty.

We’re here to help. 
If you are experiencing any type of crawlspace, basement or foundation issue, please contact American Crawlspace Solutions today.