American Crawlspace Solutions is proud to serve the homeowners of Marietta, Georgia.

For many homeowners in Marietta, their home’s crawl space or basement experiences problems with moisture seepage. This can cause many types of damage below your home.

Water and humidity will contribute to rotting wooden structures, including wooden supports and floor joists. We always remind our valued customers that those wooden supports and floor joists partially carry the weight of your house. When the supports begin to rot, you may notice uneven floors and uneven rooms. Additionally, moisture present in a basement or crawlspace will create an environment suitable for the development of mold and mildew, which are universally known to to be to blame for a variety of medical issues.

Warning signs which might indicate a problem with a damp crawl space:

  • Uneven floors in the first floor of a house
  • Musty and moldy odors emanating from the basement
  • Unexplained health problems
  • Insects and pests are colonizing the crawlspace
  • Water standing around the footing of the home

How To Fix Crawl Space Moisture

American Crawlspace Solutions specializes in Crawlspace Encapsulation. An encapsulated or sealed crawlspace is a more energy efficient solution than the traditional wall-vented crawlspace. Other benefits of crawlspace encapsulation include:

  • A more energy efficient home
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased home value
  • Reduced chance for mold Growth

To further assist with excess humidity in the area beneath your home, we can also provide an automated dehumidifier to remove extra moisture from the air.

Please call our local or toll-free number to setup an on-site assessment and free repair estimate. We look forward with great enthusiasm to repairing your foundation to its original integrity with prompt work, a fair price, and a best-in-the-industry guarantee.