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American Crawlspace Solutions is proud to serve the homeowners of Roswell. When you home’s crawl space has ongoing problems elated to moisture seepage, damage can come in many forms. Water and humidity will contribute to wood rot, including wooden supports and floor joists. Please keep in mind that those wooden beams, supports and joists partially carry the weight of your house. When the beams begin to loose stability, homeowners often notice sloping floors and sloping rooms. Additionally, humidity present in a basement or crawlspace will encourage the development of mold and mildew, which are universally known to to be to blame for a variety of health-related issues.

Warning signs which might indicate a problem with a damp crawl space:

  • Water standing around the footing of the home
  • Uneven or sloping floors on the lower floor your home
  • Musty scents coming from below your home
  • Unexplained health problems
  • Insects and pests are colonizing the crawlspace

The safety and satisfaction of our customers comes first. All work performed by American Crawlspace Solutions experts is guaranteed, so please call us today and we will schedule a free, no hassle, on-site assessment. 


Other Issues

You may notice that the first floor of your home has un-even floors that appear to be sagging. If so, there is a very good chance your home is damaged by an excessive moisture problem in the area below your home. If the crawl space beneath the your home’s structure hasn’t been sealed off or waterproofed, then water seepage will easily get inside your foundation and cause a number of potential problems. Water collecting below your house may result in wooden structural elements beginning to rot, decay, and warping. Such damage will cause the floor boards and joists, joists and beams below your home to become weak. Ultimately, the damaged joists will have trouble maintaining the vast weight of the structure of your home above, which will cause sagging, uneven floors.

The common signs of excess moisture under your home:

  • Stagnant pools of water in and around your foundation and basement
  • Rotting wood or structures
  • Living areas smell musty or moldy
  • The presence of termites, roaches, and other pests

How To Fix Floors That Are Sinking/Sagging
There are really two problems to fix. First, we will install jacks and supports to stabilize the floor boards, level your floors, and prevent additional sinking. Secondly, we need to deal with stagnant water and how it is gaining entry into your home. We will likely install a drain along the outside of your foundation which will divert water away from your home’s foundation and into a downstream drain pipe.

Contact us today and we will meet you at a time of your convenience to discuss and assess your foundation issues. Anywhere in our community and the surrounding area, we’ll be there for you. All work performed by your local American Crawlspace Solutions expert is licensed, insured and guaranteed for your protection and peace of mind.


Sinking Footing & Home Skirting

The foundation wall below your home, sometimes known as the foundation skirt, can become un-level over time. This is most noticeable with sagging floors with the presence of exterior cracks. Sinking footing can be caused by support columns being constructed too widely. As if often the case with sinking foundation footing, the floor joists, wood girders, and support posts are experiencing decay due to moisture intrusion. Poor soil conditions around the outside of the structure can cause the foundation to become too weak to support and stabilize the weight of your home.

Common signs of a sinking footer or home skirting:

  • Cracks on walls inside of the home
  • Sticky windows and doors
  • Uneven floors
  • Tilting crawl space supports

How To Fix Home Skirting/Footing That Is Sinking or Bowing Inward
Foundation piers, jacks and other measure which provide enhanced stabilization can be taken to make sure your foundation’s footing is adequately strengthened. If your damages are related directly to water and moisture, we will install a drainage system. Excess water or runoff from the earth enters the pipe will be diverted to a sump pump and will be guided away from the building.

Your home’s foundation is the single most important part of your home’s structure. Please call today and for a free on-site assessment.

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