Mold Remediation

The presence of mold beneath a home produces a damp, musty odor. But more importantly, it is a health hazard to all who live in the home.

Key Benefits of Mold Remediation


Creates a Clean, Healthy Environment


Removes Unsightly Fungal Growth


Helps Prevent Wood Damage


Stops the 'Musty' Scent


Improves Indoor Air Quality


Helps With Respiratory Issues

The presence of mold beneath a home is a health issue for everyone who lives in the house. Mold is linked to numerous respiratory issues, especially among infants, children and the elderly. Mold can only grow in damp environments, so the presence of mold in a crawlspace offers a clear indicator that your home has air quality issues related to water and moisture intrusion.

American Crawlspace Solutions has the knowledge, certification, training, and experience necessary to properly remove mold growth from your crawlspace. All our work is guaranteed.

Please be aware that if a company is offering to provide a mold service, yet they are only spraying it and not physically removing it, it is not mold remediation. You should ask them “Are you going to physically remove the mold or just spray a liquid on it?”

Complete mold remediation requires the physical removal of the mold, such as our Soda Blasting service offers. If you are considering our crawlspace encapsulation services, any active mold growth in your crawlspace should be removed prior to encapsulating the crawlspace. (If you’re not planning on removing the mold, or if you only want it sprayed with a chemical such as the service a Pest Control company would offer, it can be done after crawlspace encapsulation.) 

Our Work is Guaranteed

For your peace of mind, ACS offers a  "Life of the Structure Warranty" on most projects. Inquire for details.

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