Key Benefits


  • Adds Value to your Home
  • Protects the Contents of your Home

2 main schools of thought on how to correct basement water intrusion:

Exterior Solutions

  • Exterior Footer Drains (French drains)
  • Tar Based Sealants
  • Regrading
  • Downspout Extensions
  • Special Exterior Landscaping

Interior Solutions

  • Interior slab drain (goes under your existing slab)
  • Sump Pump vs Gravity Drain
  • More Cost Efficient and Guaranteed
  • Usually the Best Solution


Exterior Solutions may be helpful but seldom correct the problem; therefore, at ACS we specialize in Interior Solutions.
Many times we visit with clients who have spent lots of money with other contractors on Exterior Solutions that failed! It’s completely logical to try to stop the water from entering, but the truth is water always seems to find a way in. A properly installed Interior Basement Drainage System will provide the long term peace of mind you are looking for.

“Jeremy, John, and their team were fantastic from start to finish on our job.We had issues with water seeping into our partially finished basement…ACS was able to design and install a comprehensive solution for our particular situation."
McKnight, Atlanta. January 2016

About Us

Owned and operated by Jeremy Ross and John Harman, American Crawlspace Solutions aims to provide superior customer service and excellent workmanship on every project.

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